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Your Source for Solar Shades and Roller Blinds in Medford, MA

Cover your windows without losing your view by choosing solar or roller blinds. At Blinds R’ Us, we offer a number of window covering styles, including the ever-popular solar shades. In Medford, MA, we install these shades and more for homeowners and business owners, helping them increase UV protection, prevent furniture and floor fading, and reduce glare. 

Our installers also operate within a 60-mile radius of Medford, including Somerville, Cambridge, and Boston. Contact us today to explore your options and get an estimate. We look forward to helping you choose a window covering solution that looks greats in your room and delivers all the practical benefits you need.

Why Choose Solar Shades or Roller Blinds

While many window coverings completely obstruct the view, solar shades and roller blinds let you strike a happy balance between protection, privacy, and aesthetics. They come in a variety of material transparencies, all of them featuring meticulous design details. We’re also proud to offer products made with exclusive materials; ask us for details.

Solar window coverings are designed to still let some natural light in while blocking UV rays that can damage your skin and furnishings. Likewise, they prevent people from easily seeing through your windows while still allowing you to see outside. Finally, they come in an array of styles that enhance your interior design. Talk to our team to get a recommendation tailored to your preferences.